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Bulletin Board: Minor Act 537 Plan Update: Schell and Koch Road


Minor Act 537 Plan Update: Schell and Koch Road


Public Notice
The Supervisors of Lewis Township, Northumberland County, propose to adopt a minor update to their Sewage Facilities Plans pursuant to Act 537 (Plan Update), following a 30 day public comment period hereby established. This plan update has been prepared to evaluate sanitary sewer service alternatives for the Schell and Koch Road area of the Township, (Planning Area).
The Planning Area, known as Schell and Koch Road is comprised of existing residences currently served by on-lot disposal systems (OLDS) which have been identified to have high rates of malfunction through previous Act 537 planning. The plan update was undertaken to verify the extent of malfunctions in the planning area and then determine the most cost effective alternative to provide sanitary sewer service to alleviate existing malfunctions. The recommended alternative is the construction of a low pressure and gravity sewer system with a pump station conveying wastewater from 19 homes in the Planning Area to the exiting Lewis Township Wastewater Treatment Plant. The currently anticipated project cost for implementation of this alternative is $991,000. Based on available funding, user rates to implement this alternative could range from $58-313 monthly.
Individuals interested in reviewing a copy of the Plan may view it here as attached or at the township office during regular business hours. The public may submit comments in writing and send to Lewis Township, P.O. Box 143, Watsontown, PA 17777.
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2018.06.29 Public Comment Period Version Schell and Koch Road Special Study_Optimized.pdf    
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